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Author Topic: Shortbread  (Read 133 times)

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« on: January 11, 2023, 09:02:39 am »
What biscuit does a short person like? Shortbread.

A dad walks into a bakery and he asks, "Hey do you have any big pieces of shortbread?"
The baker responds, "No, we don't make them any longer."

If the British shortbread company opened up a branch in Austin and then threw a huge party to celebrate...
...it would be a Walkers: Texas rager

Did you hear about the dessert that got cast in the bakery?s reboot of Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom?

Whats a Corgi's favorite kind of cookie?

My husband said I'm not allowed to make shortbread any longer.
Because then it would be longbread.
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