Have You Done A Honey Bee Removal?

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Ben Framed:
Have any of you members ever removed, participated in, or witnessed a Honey Bee Colony Removal?  This is not a survey but may be interesting to some of you....
I am placing this short video here which covers a lot of ground without going into detail. It's less than a minute clip. 


I might do upwards of 20 removals a year, this does not include swarms.

First thing I noticed was that the floor had already been pulled up before the camera was turned on.
I would say this is mostly staged for the camera.

I work most removals with out any protection also, I always let the bees tell me what is needed. Keeping the little black German bees as a kid with your veil covered up and having to light the smoker inside of the car........well a couple of stings is really nothing anymore, just part of the territory. People always ask if I get stung, I ask back if they have ever been swimming, the reply is always "yes", then I ask if they got wet doing it. They seem to understand after that.

Ben Framed:
>I might do upwards of 20 removals a year, this does not include swarms.

That is awesome!

I have not watched her videos. Short videos are often taken from a longer video and posted for subject interest. It may have very well been staged? Either way, I am hoping it will spark a renewed interest in this section Bee Removal.

Removing bees is how I actually acquired my first hive. Such videos as this sparked my interest.

Personally, I would like to see this section rekindled with more sharing of removals. I would bet there are others such as yourself G3., that remove bees as well.

PS I had an experience with the Black German bee when I was a kid with my Uncle! Man ooh man!

Thanks for your post G3!


Not only have I done hundreds of removals, but I developed the most successful trapout method that is used anywhere today.

Ben Framed:
That is awesome! I have personally never done a trapout. Thanks for posting this. We never know when we might need or want to give it a go...
With hundreds of cutouts, you are most likely 'among' the 'most' experienced of cut-out folks here! I bet you have some 'good' cutout stories to tell! (hint lol)
Most likely, (since you are a long time member), you have told some good ones here already?

Even those of you which have little experience, I would love to hear of your cut-out 'adventures'. Notice I used the word "Adventures". 



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