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Author Topic: Inactive yeast 40% protein  (Read 3522 times)

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Inactive yeast 40% protein
« on: March 02, 2017, 10:56:30 pm »
Ok here is the deal i have a relative that has a mineral and feed business .And he had 6 pallets full of 50 Lb bags of inactive yeast that has some bugs so he cant use it in his feed for fear of upsetting his customers. So he gave it to me . I plan on keeping some for pollen substitute mixing to feed my bees. I was planning to just feed the rest to my cattle but i thought maybe its something that someone would be interested in swapping bees or beekeeping equipment or woodworking equipment for. I dont know if anyone is interested in it or not but if you are msg me. I dont want to deliver or ship it. So if your interested you need to pick it up. It is 40% protein 8 % moisture and very fine. I live in Lancaster Co Pennsylvania about 5 miles north of New Holland close to a little town called Terre Hill