Bees in duck nesting box

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Rob Sandberg:
I have been asked to remove some bees that have taken up residence in a duck nesting box, Said box is in an aviary.  the homeowner is very allergic  to bee stings and wants them gone. I plan to unbolt the nesting box and securely place in a trash can, ventilated with holes.
The weather is hotter here during the day and cooler at night, about 15 degree swing
So my questions are:
Leave them in nesting box for a few days, or cut out comb and rubber band into new frames immediately?
Leave them in box until spring? Not much in bloom here in Southern Ca.
Thanks in advance for your time and advice
Rob Sandberg

A few years ago my buddy and I received a call to remove bees in a squirrel box that was about 15' up on a tree. We removed it from the tree and took it home and bolted it to my workshop right next to my apiary. It was also in the fall so we left it there for the winter. In the spring, we rubber banded it into frames and put it in a 10 frame hive.
We even posted a video here on this site but I doubt if the video is still available.
This worked very well.
Our winters are mild like yours, just not as dry, (I lived in San Diego back in the '80s).

Here is one of the links that I posted in the fall of that year. The bees never did move into the box.

Here is a link to when this squirrel box swarmed in March. It was still a strong hive when we moved it into a box.




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