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Author Topic: What I saw  (Read 4819 times)

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What I saw
« on: August 10, 2014, 08:32:59 pm »
A couple a years ago in March about 8:30
our cats outside were fighting. so I went outside and called them by name a number of times.
no one came they usually come when called. as the wife says just like the dogs, they come.
this time they didn't and I stayed calling them a while.
as I was saying a few years ago, my wife had sprained her ankle or foot pretty badly. and no she didn't go to the DR. she suffered through it. darn that hurts, 25 years before I had done the same thing and lived. So.
any way back to my story
if you'll observe a star is like a pin prick. yes? a satellite is like the size of the head of a pin. yes?
Now if you extend your arm out fully over your head (not straight up) fold your thumb in, that's generally the shape and size of my sighting.(ducks Foot) color it flame orange with lots of bright RED as the light on your DVD player. with lots of motion as a flame.outline of your wrist and ascending. like one would try to describe in picture a hill with a broad line at the center bottom going to the left the width of your thumb following the couture in bright green.back to the center going to the right with the same breadth change the color to bright blue also liken to your DVD player light. this time descending reminiscent describing an ocean bottom.
arms at your side raise one lower the other kind of describing a plane banking
we watched this for 15 minuets well I did. It took a least 7 to get my wife outside to see the spectical. this made a double inverse arc across the sky till it was obscured by tall trees and was gone from my view.

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Re: What I saw
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