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THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE - are advanced species......

Most likely friendly - seeking other friendly life.
3 (10%)
Most Likely Predators - looking for species to enslave or destroy.
0 (0%)
There is no life outside of Earth - UFOS are fantasy
2 (6.7%)
I believe there are countless species with all different agendas
11 (36.7%)
We are the products of UFOs terraforming THIS planet long ago
2 (6.7%)
I believe in at least 2 of the above.
3 (10%)
I have seen what I believe was an ALIEN SPACE CRAFT.
2 (6.7%)
We live among aliens - they have been here a long time.
0 (0%)
I have NEVER seen ANYTHING remotely that convinces me in Aliens.
7 (23.3%)

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Author Topic: IF ALIENS CAME TO EARTH  (Read 13881 times)

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« Reply #20 on: January 30, 2007, 06:02:50 am »
Has anyone here read "Behold the pale horse"? Jon, I think you in particular may find it 'interesting' to read.  I have a friend who is quite into conspirarcy and asked me to read it and give him my opinion.  I have to say there is a lot of information out there that is just plain fantasy, yet sometimes something I read is so crazy that it stays in your head like a bad song that you can't get out.  The author is a former military intelligence officer, and while insanity can change a persons perspective, I have to say I don't think the author is bright enough even with hallucinatory paranoia, to come up with a plot so 'crazy'.  I have worked with people who have mental illness, a lot.  Most times I find people with mental illness to be confused, particularly around things like the social 'games' we all play.  I feel most 'professionals' in mental health almost have a vested interest in helping the mentally ill, play those games again.  Much like a jehovas witness trying to convert someone.  Sometimes, I have found mentally ill people who were SO much more intelligent than me that I have been forced to reconsider all of my own 'games'.  Sometimes I feel that these super intelligent so called insane, don't not get the game but rather opt out, and while labelled insane, are really quite smart for taking on that label to avoid being seen as a serious threat.  So smart to play the fool sometimes.  I also find it interesting that in a totalitarian state i.e. ancient egypt.  cartoons were used to make socio/politico statements that if they were stated in any other forum would constitute treason.  Jon you are a big picture thinker/writer, if you ever get a chance to read "behold the pale horse" I would love to chat about you thoughts and views.   steve.  Anyone get my rambling here?