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Author Topic: what I have learned this year  (Read 2614 times)

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what I have learned this year
« on: September 20, 2005, 10:52:35 pm »
I have learned that orienting tomato rows north and south is not good when the prevailing hot winds come always from the south.  and when tomatoes are mulched with black plastic they must not be watered too much. you should water until you caan easily push a probe the size of a marble on a stick or a rounded broom handle through the first 12 inches of soil pretty easily then wait five or six days befor you water again it makes them run out of oxygen and the top leaves turn blue all the tomatoes split and crack and the roots don't develope properly. I still sold a loty of tomatoes only because I had so many plants otherwise I would have done very badly this year. My advice is for every tomato you sell be able to throw five or six away lol. that is tomatoes. Melons did very well did very well this year and they were good and sweet. we sold a lot of them but after a while the careless weeds made it a jungle, also I put the rows too close together and had to lug the melons out of the patch, that was murder. Peppers eggplant  and squash did pretty well. I am still picking tomatoes peppers, and eggplant but it will soon be over . I also failed to get rich again, but I am used to that. I  am planting greens and spinach and onions now but ervry where is covered with huge weeds so I have my work cut out for the winter. to be continued lol