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Author Topic: I believe in Angels  (Read 4876 times)

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I believe in Angels
« on: February 04, 2005, 09:54:13 pm »
I wanted to tell you about an experience I had that I thought an angel was involved in.
It happened when my daughter was only about 4 or 5 years old. I was leaving a friends apartment, and Catherine had already headed down to our van that was parked next to the building. I was on the second level and saw a car coming down the drive. Catherine headed around the side where this car was coming, and in an instant I saw she was going to get hit by this car.
In a split second, before I could even call out to Catherine, she was "pulled" out of danger and the car raced past. It missed her by inches! The way she moved was completely unnatural. She was running in one direction, around the front of the van, and suddenly flipped back so that her back was against the front end of the van. It looked like someone had grabbed her, threw her against the van, and pinned her there.
It had been such a close call that I almost fainted. I grabbed the stair railing and fell on the stairs. My friend ran down to Catherine and got her, and Catherine wasn't one bit scared - like she never even saw the car.

I felt there was no way a human could move like she did, and so quick. It was like she flew backwards. It was strange.

That car never even put on it's brakes or stopped either. I'm not sure they even got a chance to see her. Since she was so little, and came out directly in front of the car, and then was gone again. I think maybe her "shortness" and the fact she was so close to the car, she may have been out of the drivers view completely.


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I believe in Angels
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2005, 11:10:41 pm »
that was a very close call, must have been her gardian angel.
Ryan Horn

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similar "angel" encounter
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2005, 02:11:13 pm »
Hi Beth:

     I have a friend with a similar story, although it happened to him, and left marks on his arm where he was "grabbed".

     My friend is heavily into the various "judo" diciplines, most of which in the more advanced stages seem to rely on some sort of intervention which  most of us consider to be well into the mentaphysical realm, so he already had the "belief".

     He lived in a tiny town on a busy highway, in an area where mororists had not encountered the first stop light, and some of them were still traveling at almost highway speeds.

     As he tells the story, he stepped into the road and an instant before being hit was thrown bodily off the side of the road.  An observer believed he was hit and thrown by the car, but he swears that "something" grabbed him and jerked him out of the way.  His only injuries was a red mark sort of like a bruise where he was grabbed.  

     Even a "tough" human being woud surely have at least suffered broken bones by being hit by a car traveling 40 to 50 MPH, so the fact that he wasn't severely injured or killed lends credence to his story.

     Yes, I believe there are invisible beings which can, and in rare instances do intervene physically in our lives.  What to call them and how they work is another question.

     This part of the midwest used to be full of "table tippers" "automatic writers" and "tongues speakers".

William H. Michaels