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Author Topic: Good news for bees and their keepers  (Read 3019 times)

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Good news for bees and their keepers
« on: August 29, 2008, 11:10:58 am »
How about we post some good news regarding city/county/state ordinances, statutes and practices regarding bees and beekeepers? Like this:

Birds and bees amended

The Greensboro [NC] City Council voted unanimously on Aug. 19 to loosen restrictions on residents who want to raise chickens and bees in their backyards. Council approved an amendment to its poultry and bee ordinance by reducing setbacks from property lines to coops or hives in some cases. In compromise, the amendment also bans the keeping of roosters, adds a fencing requirement and limits homeowners to keeping chickens and bees in backyards. — JG


And this:

Imperiled bees to be coaxed from oak
Tree at WakeMed is sick, must go; but bees are welcome

FUQUAY-VARINA - At WakeMed, they're used to dealing with life and death. Today, the crisis involves a colony of wild honeybees living in a diseased oak.

Volunteer beekeepers invited by WakeMed to the hospital's Fuquay-Varina campus will try to rescue an increasingly rare colony of wild honeybees when the tree is cut down today.

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Re: Good news for bees and their keepers
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2008, 01:40:20 pm »
Actually, Greensboro City Council did a little better than the article indicates.  I asked and they amended the new Ordinance to permit beekeeping anywhere on a lot that setbacks could be met. That is what the original Ordinance permitted. Chickens are now limited to the  back yard.