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Author Topic: The new turkey brood box and run  (Read 2112 times)

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The new turkey brood box and run
« on: July 18, 2008, 10:27:20 am »
A couple of weeks ago my Husband built a new turkey brooding box and a pen alongside the old box.  If my Husband could spend his entire life designing and building, there could be nothing better.  He is getting near completion of the massive bedroom/office renovation.  Those pictures will be coming.  He has been working for months on this total reno.  I am not sure what he will do when he is complete.  Maybe take a vacation.....Abigail is sitting on eggs and I wanted her to not be disturbed by the other turkeys and young turkeys.  We have had the young turkeys go into her brood box and get squished.  Also, all the eggs that she was sitting on did not hatch.  I think she was too disturbed by the young turkeys coming into her house and she moved off the eggs.  So she now can brood again.

I took away her bad eggs, they were about a week past incubation.  I am not sure if I should have removed them sooner, but I didn't.  The other turkey hen had been laying eggs in the other box that my husband had built.  When I went out later to look at her.  She had moved into the other turkey hens box, which the other turkey hen had not began to sit on yet.  She was not laying on Madelines eggs.  Oh brother.  So I moved the eggs over to her original box, after cleaning it all out and she is now sitting again.  That poor girl.  She is so devoted to being a mother.  She was the one that hatched out the 13 in the last clutch.

When the new box was built for the other turkey hen, all the chickens and everyone had to check it out.  Creakity Creek, our Bantam rooster decided that he was going to have a lovely break in there too. So he made a nice round nest and just relaxed, king of the hill.  Enjoy the pictures, and have that most beautiful and wonderful day, lovin' our great lives we all are livin' and sharin'.  Cindi

I love to show people the two beautiful roosters that I have.  So get a load of these dudes!!!

Roquefort, he is the actual king of the chicken yard, Antonio is always getting chased because he wants part of the girls too. It is funny to watch them running as fast as their legs can go, Antonio can run faster than Roquefort though, rarely does he get caught!!!

Antonio, the second king of the yard

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