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Author Topic: Antonio and the blue legged white chicken  (Read 2169 times)

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Antonio and the blue legged white chicken
« on: December 23, 2007, 10:25:10 am »
This is one of my roosters.  Antonio is his name.  He is a Rhode Island Red.  He is a beauty, not overly friendly, but he is magestic.  The other day I was outside and as usual, had my camera in my jeans pocket.  Antonio was standing on the chicken hill, he was listening to something, watching.  Roquefort (the other white rooster that is in the last picture) was off with the hens showing them some bug or something on the ground.  He takes good care of his harem of girls, he always shows them the best food items, hee, hee.  I have no clue what breed he is either, probably just a mix, but he is a great caregiver of the girls too, both of them are great dudes.   I couldn't help but take a picture of them both.  It was pretty, it was a misty day, we seem to be having alot of them lately and Antonio on the hill just caught my eye.

The white chicken in the next picture is a "Again I Don't Know" breed.  She is the most friendly of the entire group of chickens that we have.  She is always the first one at the door, waiting to be let out in the morning.  She follows directly below my feet, waiting for that good morning treat that I always give, she is my friend.  I have to be careful because she loves me so much she could get stepped on, she is so close to me, hee, hee, smiling.  She has blue legs.  She is pretty.  She looks kindof yucky in the picture, I think that is because she got pooped on or something in the roost, ich....  Have a wonderful and greatest of days. Cindi

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