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All I can say is if you made 600 miles in 11 hours you did good.

most of it highway and 65 mph.  That means 75 at least and more in CA  :grin:  + hubby doesn't stop much!
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« Last post by Kathyp on Today at 01:28:48 pm »
Don?t try to tell that to an Irishman or Russian or Ukrainian or a Chinamen. They have all died from starvation due to crop failure.

Sri Lanka is now facing food shortages because of government mandates.  the weather sure can play a part in things like food shortages.  It has happened here, but some of the great starvation events of history were government induced.

Ace, sorry you felt your time was wasted.  There were enough references and quotes in there that I thought even you might find it interesting.

Starvation has to do with wealth not individual farms.  There may come a time when it has to do with climate change but wealth will still come into play.  It is only a matter of time when the western states run out of water.  It is being recognized now

I don't know what you mean about wealth.  It is true that water is not where we need it right now.  There are a number of reasons for that and among them is drought.  Another reason we don't have the water where we need it is "environmentalists". 
CA is a huge producer of food.  When a choice has to be made between something like the delta smelt and the farms, the smelt win and water that should be used to irrigate farms is spilled for the fish.  I guess if we run out of veggies, we can eat smelt.

Same here in southern Oregon.  The ranchers need the water.  The environmentalists want it for the fish.  The dams are being removed from our rivers and the greenies want more taken off.  Hydropower is very clean.  The dams are already up.  This seems kind of self-defeating if you are an environmentalist.

Hope I didn't bore you ace. 

Look something like this?

Both videos made yesterday approximately three minutes apart.
Exactly like that!  Great videos! 

Just a couple of things I want to be sure we all have straight. 
1. No male bees (or wasps or ants or really any insect for that matter) can sting.  A stinger is a modified ovipositor (egg-laying structure), which is a structure that no male insect has.  Some males have pseudostings or spines that mimic stings, but only very few can even use them as defense, and none can actually sting. 

2. Honey bees are the only bees with barbed stingers, and therefore the only bees to leave a stinger in the skin under normal circumstances.  My sister smashed a yellow jacket on her arm the other day, thinking it was a mosquito, and because its body broke in half when she smashed it, it left the stinger behind with part of its abdomen.  But absent freak accidents like that, if there is a stinger left behind, it's a honey bee sting.  There are a few wasps with barbed stingers, but I don't think any live in the US.     
THE COFFEE HOUSE ((( SOCIAL - ROOM ))) / Re: Suspend for a moment
« Last post by BeeMaster2 on Today at 10:00:40 am »
Don?t try to tell that to an Irishman or Russian or Ukrainian or a Chinamen. They have all died from starvation due to crop failure.
Jim Altmiller
Only honey bees have barbs on their stingers. So the stinger would not bee attached.
Jim Altmiller
Here is an article about Plantains that you can use to stop the pain from bee stings.

Plantain leaf to the rescue! 🍃 Just got stung by a bumblebee (my fault: I was harvesting a flower and somehow didn't see it). Plantain (Plantago sp.) is my go-to because it works...fast! Chewed up a leaf, put it on the sting, and now the pain is 100% gone. I use plantain for stings, bites, rashes, splinters, and more. It's a great "drawing" plant as it draws things out of you (like venom). It's also an ingredient in my all-purpose salve for this very reason. A good one to teach your kids too. Thank you, plantain, for your help today!!! 🍃💕😊

Here is a picture of it.
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Jim Altmiller
Females can sting. When you blocked her hole, she let you have it with either a bite or a sting!  :shocked:
You would have noticed a stinger still attached, most likely if it was a sting..

DOWN UNDER BEEKEEPING / Re: Varroa detected in Australia
« Last post by Ben Framed on Today at 09:19:28 am »
Thanks Max... The updated infestation map looks pretty much the same as the last one to me. Hopefully no mites made it to the almonds.


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All I know is it hurt like the dickens. I assumed it was a bite, there was a little torn skin, and I think it turned white in the middle and was red around the outside. I didn?t swell like I do with a honeybee sting.
It was in a 1x4 board, so that?s really only a 3/4? thick board. I was probably crowding its space in that thin of a board. I?m sure the impact gun pulling screws out and all the jostling around didn?t help either.

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A Male carpenter bees do not have a stinger but the females do. The males are the ones you see hovering around wood structures. The females are not aggressive and usually do not sting unless they feel threatened or mashed.  They can leave a stinger like a honey bee.

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