Made Candles All Day

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I spent the entire day making candles in preparation for Christmas.  I got two new molds from Etsy this year, both Christmas trees.  One is a medium-sized spiral tree, and the other is a mini tree with a tea light base.  I made 3 of both of the new molds.  I also made 4 tapers, 3 gnomes, a dozen tea lights, and one big pillar.  The pillar took me two tries actually.  I had some wax leak out of the bottom of the mold, and when I when to pick it up to remove the candle, the mold stuck to the counter, and I just pulled with wick right out!  :embarassed: :cheesy:  The good thing about making candles is you can always just melt them back down and repour.  The wick was a waste of course, but at least it can be used as a Wikki Stick!  :grin: (Anyone else remember those?)

My wax this year was really yellow.  You can see the difference between this year's gnome and one left over from last year.  Even accounting for the aging of the wax and the wax bloom, the gnome from last year was from a batch of wax that was very tan for some reason.               

Terri Yaki:
How did you get your wax so clean? So far, mine all has some dirt in it, even after giving it a second filtering through a clean cheesecloth bag.

It's not 100% perfect, there are some noticeable flecks of debris if you look closely.  If I was selling candles, I'd probably filter again, but for my own household purposes, once is good enough.  I will sometimes have debris that settles out when I remelt the wax to pour into the molds, and when that happens I just don't pour in the dirty dregs at the bottom of my measuring cup.  Most of this wax was pretty clean to start with, since it was predominantly wax from crushing and straining honeycomb, so I'm guessing yours is difficult to clean because it is really dirty. 

Nice candles Reagan. You?ve done a great job there. Looks like the candle from last year was made using wax melted from older comb, burr comb etc. TY, did you melt your wax in water when you strained it?

Nice!  Makes me want to break out the big chunk I put aside for just that reason! 


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