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I've read quite a few articles extolling the virtues for honey as a healing agent for cuts, scrapes, eye injuries, in a compress for promoting healing after delivering babies, etc. The lists are quite extensive. I've used it myself on a few cuts that required bandages and while I can't prove they reduced scarring, I think the honey likely minimized the scars from what they could have been in comparison to other cuts /scars I've received. I make myself sound like I walk around bleeding, but I'm not really that bad, honest.

I also roast my coffee in the garage with a drum roaster I built a few years ago. Way better than any coffee in the stores, for sure. I decided to roast some beans last night, some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe which were nice and even lending well to a good roast.

Before I got started I thought I'd apply some honey to my scalp to see if it'll help with dry/scaly scalp which nothing else helps with. Nothing. 9:1 honey to water ratio. Supposed to do it a couple times a week and let it set for a couple hours each time which is why I thought doing it while roasting coffee was a good idea. So we'll see how it goes.

I will say it made a nice stiff shiny helmet out of my hair if nothing else. I did think I should remember not to do this during warmer weather with the garage door open, not unless I want lots of visitors  :cheesy:

The coffee needs to offgas for a couple days before it reaches its peak flavor, so come Sunday I'll have a really good cup of coffee. And probably some tomorrow as well, just might be a little bright flavored than ideal.

I have never used honey on a wound, since I make a herbal salve that works really well for that, but I do use honey as an ingredient in burn cream, and it works really well on sunburns or just normal heat burns.  Here's a link to the recipe.

A spoonful of honey is a great way of easing a sore throat when a cold is coming on. It never fails to provide relief.

Terri Yaki:

--- Quote from: Lesgold on November 03, 2023, 04:28:55 pm ---A spoonful of honey is a great way of easing a sore throat when a cold is coming on. It never fails to provide relief.

--- End quote ---
This is true. I used to deliver some kind of honey or honey derivative that the woman called medicinal honey. I believe it came from AU, maybe NZ. It was packaged in about 3 oz jars (I don't know how many grams that is) and a 2000 lb pallet was worth an obscene amount of money. Like at least $100,000, according to her.

Was it Manuka honey?


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