Varroa detected in Australia

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Thhis has just come in:

It looks like the authorities are taking it seriously....and have success!

Ben Framed:
Thanks Max, wishing you the best.


Ben Framed:
Hi Max, I have sent to you a PM.

Below is a video just put out by Richard Noel of Brittany France. Richard is a hard enemy of Varroa Destructor. I introduced Richard previously a couple years ago here at Beemaster on another topic. See the topic here at Beemaster: "Treat for No Treaters"

Richard, as we are, is VERY concerned about (Varroa Destructors') recently found presence in your Australia. Hopefully these concerns will be short lived as the beekeeping community in your country will have things nicely under control. I am enclosing a video he just put out with some of his thoughts on the matter.


Bee North:
Thanks for your support guys....fingers crossed Max!

We have been through this before in the port of Townsville which is up here in North QLD and we managed to contain it. Let's hope we have been successful this time as well.

Arrrh...very scary!

Yes, thanks for the video and concern.

I have written to the fellow who is in charge of the operation and will keep you posted if I hear some news.

Lots of questions...


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