Is it important to heat frames before extraction?

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--- Quote from: marcos on September 02, 2021, 06:32:54 pm ---I think on Monday it?s supposed to be 80.

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It is worth waiting until Monday.  Keep in mind that if the frames are starting at 70 deg it is going to take hours to warm them up.  There are all kinds of warming boxes you can use as simple as a light bulb heat source.  The logistics is the volume of product to process.

Ben Framed:

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Would an 80 outdoor temperature be OK?

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Yes. Remember the cooler the temperature the more viscosity will be the honey. The thicker the honey, the more the need for a slower beginning spin for balance as well as preventing blow out if you are using wax foundation. If you use the temperature guides as suggested by Mr Bush you should have no trouble.

As The15thMember mentioned be sure to do the work in a place bees are excluded. (Such as a screened in porch for example). If not you will be overwhelmed.

Honey Hive Farms:
We have a honey room that is around 90 degrees this works really well. Not saying we enjoy it. We found out that load 20 frames and start it and go outside. Variable speed extractor is a great thing to have, it helps not to destroy the foundation by hard starts.  Frames are heavy and taken from 0 to higher speeds quickly can destroy them.  Wish you well. Tim

I dont heat mine before extracting. They go right back outside and the bees clean them up. That way the wax moths will leave them alone till they go back on next spring. Might as well let the girls have something to do.

Honey type and outside temperatures can have a big impact on the extraction process. Large scale beekeepers need a more refined process in relation to temperature control than a hobby beekeeper. I use a technique whereby no external heat is required. 4 boxes of honey are taken from the bees in one session. They are immediately uncapped and run through the extractor while still warm. This negates any need for artificial room heating. This system does have issues if the hives are located a long way from the extraction room. Boxes of honey when stacked, hold their heat quite well for an hour or so. An old timer beekeeper that I know would stack his boxes on a frame with a fan heater blowing warm air up though the frames. He used this during the winter months and claimed that it worked well as long as the heater was kept on a low setting.


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