Ventrilo. Will be on Sunday morning 8 am to 10 am EDT March 19th 2017

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Does anyone use this feature anymore. Hope to see you there.

              BEE HAPPY Jim 134 :)

I did get a few people to use Ventrilo this morning. Maybe I'll try it again next Sunday morning at about the same time. Did get BuzzBee (Ken), Bud1 (Bud) and Iddee (Wally)

      BEE HAPPY Jim 134  :smile:

How about if we try doing this on a weekly basis at the same time?

I know in the past this was done on Saturday and Sunday morning basically between 8AM and 11AM. East Coast time USA  (New York City time). Believe it or not Sunday morning is always the busiest. If I remember I will be doing again on Sunday morning this week. I will be sending some notices out to a few people that I know will come. We may have a guest from Down Under. He told me he's going to show up.

        BEE HAPPY Jim. 134 :smile:

      Here is a dictatorial to use for your computers. Something to remember there this also an app available for Android or iPhone look in your app store for Ventrilo.

      If I remember correctly only 10 people can get on at a time. I don't believe at has ever been reached. With Ventrilo you can both voice chat or type chat. Yes is possible to have both on the same time on a computer or a smartphone

       BEE HAPPY Jim 134  :smile:

Note from Buzzbee

The port is

Open setup  and make sure top three boxes in upper left are checked.
Uncheck key clicks, it will drive you nuts.
Mouse click in the hotkey area and you can then hit any key you wish to use as a hotkey for your mic. I generally use the left control or alt button as it does'nt interfere and activate my mic if I'm typing something when ventrilo is active.

And remember this tip, you need to close the setup window to be able to use your mic. Not sure why that feature wont work while setup is open.


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