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I couldn't get the first video to open


--- Quote ---You asked about keeping the smoker lit.  The perennial 'keeper' question.  I don't have a good answer for that, except two things.  After playing around with various 'smoker fuel' for a couple of years, one that I've found to be reliable and long-lasting is a tightly rolled piece of cardboard.  I cut about a 4- 5" wide by maybe 10-12" long (depends on the weight, ie. thickness of the cardboard).  I roll it as tightly as I can and make sure it fits inside the smoker with a little room on the sides.  I tie it with bailing twine.  Use regular household string or even yarn or thread if you don't have it.  If I get a spare box from something in the mail, I'll go ahead and cut it down and if I have the time, just roll a bunch of them up for future use.  I probably have 8 or 10 sitting with my 'bee-stuff' just waiting for use.  Now, once that gets going good, it lasts quite a long time and it gives good cool smoke.  The trick is to get it really going well before you open the hives.  Could take 10 mins. or so - don't rush it.  The first thing I do is lite my smoker - even before I get my suit on.
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I do the same thing except I don’t bother tying the rolled cardboard.  Once lit it doesn’t go out.  It is like a cigarette.  I do wonder about the resins that are in cardboard if they harm the bees in any way.

Brother Dave:
I will do that next time. I have been using whatever is falling off of my trees then stuffing some green foliage over that. It works but I stink after my work is done.

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where to go after I get to all the commerical grade movies for TV


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