Queen colors

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I like marking my queens. Easier to spot for piece of mind or when you you want to make splits and such.  I use non standard colors so i know my queens from others.  Caught 4 swarms in bait hives in my bee yards last year.  Sure is reassuring when u see a swarm queen and it isnt marked or its got someone elses mark :)

I have a few hives at a friend's place up by his house.  He is like a kid in candy store every time I go over to check the bees.  He's right in there asking tons of questions.  His enthusiasm is awesome.

He sees everything I see, when I see it.  Well almost.  A couple weeks ago he shared with me that he is color blind.  We were in his greenhouse and he was offering me ripe tomatoes and jalepino peppers.  He asked which ones I wanted, I said I will take those nice red ones right there ...( in amongst all of the green ones ).  Which ones where?  Then he told me.

So .... here's another LOL.  Few days ago we are deep into one of the hives for the very last brood check until next March.  Spotted the queen, she's doing great.  He say where.  I say right there!  She's easy to see man, she's the one with the big red 2018 dot on her back.  He grunts.   LOL!    Next year, 2019, is green.  Poor guy will not get a break until 2020/2021.

I already have lots of green pre-painted dots made  for next season's hives expansion.  All I
have to do is glue one on each mated queen.  Less messy and more efficient this way.


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