There's a new boss in town!


Ben Framed:
A new boss takes over at a struggling company and decides to get rid of all the slackers, and makes up his mind to make an example the very first chance he gets!!!.
On a tour of the facilities, right off the bat, the boss notices a guy leaning on a wall!

He can't believe this guy would just stand around on the job, especially at a time like this, this wall leaner is showing him no respect!

The new boss walks up to the guy leaning against the wall and ask. "What are you doing here?"

"I am just waiting to get paid Sir', answers the wall leaner.

"FURIOUS"; The new boss asked in a loud commanding voice, "HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PAID A WEEK?!!"

Surprised, the young worker answered, "About three hundred dollars a week Sir. Sometimes more and sometimes maybe a little less."

The boss QUICKLY gets out his checkbook, makes out a check to CASH, and hands it to the young fellow, and says; "Here's a check for twelve hundred dollars!" "That's four weeks of your pay!"  "Take it and GO!"

The young fellow smiled, put the check in his pocket, and said, "Thank You Sir!" and rushes out the door, not even taking the time to look back!

The new boss, confident in himself and in what he has just done, by making an example of the young fellow, with pen and checkbook still in hand, turns and faces all the employees and said. "Did you all take good and careful notice of what just happened here?" "Do you understand what I just did and why!!"

Another young worker quickly exclaims yes Sir! We seen it and we fully understand!  "You just tipped the pizza guy twelve hundred dollars!" " I expect you did it because you care about people" "It will be a pleasure working for you Sir!!!"  "I can hardly wait to see my next paycheck!" "Welcome aboard Sir"


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