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Good point 15th, I will do a new thread in the general section mainly to share the photos.
On the mould, there were a few bees flying (3-4 every 5 mins) in early Feb but then nothing so they were the last survivors, at the same time green hive looked like this   Apparently the mould is normal after some time as the air isn't being circulated, or so I read.
This hive has just always been less active but not to a worrying point, the other one being so active really highlighted it.  These were the two hives on the same day in July, active green and not so active white they are active but not as much.
I can only say that the queen was ok but may have had a problem hence the low activity.  When they arrived on 5 full frames there was no more space so maybe she slowed laying, they built into the box below but didn't use it.  As you say always hard to be sure what happened but a combination of these things is possible.
There are some Varroa faeces but with such low numbers there wouldn't be loads I guess. If the queen had stopped laying they would have died out anyway, that said all bees that were there were healthy looking. 


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