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Terri Yaki:
I'm a pretty staunch supporter of our Second Amendment. Actually all of our Bill of Rights but we're discussing the 2A here...

We have a regular gun show here in SEPA in a town named Oaks, in the suburbs of Philthytown. This show has been a mainstay for as long as I can remember but this is the third venue that's housed it during my tenure. I went yesterday with two of my neighbors and we dilly-dallied through about 2/3 of it for about four hours. They were dragging their feet but I didn't mind, I knew what I was after and where to get it. As those in the know already know, Lake City Armory is pausing production for us minions for a while, as our gubment is running out, giving it all to Ukraine so the focus is on them. This is recent news within the last week or so but you know how quickly they love to hike prices. Not far from the entrance, one vendor had a can of 5.56 ammo for $450/K ($.45/ea) and one of my buddies was ogling it. He ignored my advice and figured he'd stop on the way out and grab it. Sucks to be him but I advised him well. Other vendors already had the prices hiked to $650/K ($.65/ea)

Reloading needs like primers and powder have returned to more normal levels but LRP are still scarce as are some popular powders. Bullet heads seem pretty easy to come by in all sizes. There is one guy from Lawng Island who sells at the show and he's selling some odd ammo cheap, like 1/3 what others are charging and I got some stuff off of him. NY has recently passed laws mandating background checks just to buy ammo so he's getting rid of what he has left. What's next, gates at the border checkpoints?

A piece of trivia: This show is housed in what used to be PENCO Locker Company. There are only a couple of locker mfgs around and your school, firehouse, police dept, YMCA or local sports club probably has/had their lockers in it.

And of course, the day would be incomplete without a beer and something to eat so we went to a long-lived local bar and got some killer brisket sammiches and a couple of beers. I actually got berated for not bringing the guys to this place before but I pled not guilty, as it had changed hands and I was unaware of what it was like.

Terri Yaki:
And the battle for our rights rages on. I found this one interesting.

Calif. Assault Weapons Ban Ruled Unconstitutional.

I have been following this too.  I have family in CA.  CA has passed a lot of stupid gun laws, but this one was particularly bad and purely virtue signaling as rifles of any type are rarely used in crimes.

I thought the judges comments about it were spot on.

Terri Yaki:
NY has recently passed a law that background checks are required for ammo purchases. That CA ruling supposedly knocks down that same legislation in CA so it should do the same for NY. Background checks for ammo purchases is ridiculous. Why don't they just ban crimes with guns and end all the problems?


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