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I have been asked for Ginger Honey.
The two together  have been used a cold soother for many years.
I would like to try and infuse some honey with Ginger ( I have some here- we are in Ginger country)
I had a look at some suggestions.
Heating the mix does not appeal to me.
I would like to keep the Ginger IN the honey - if possible. Just sounds more natural but maybe wrong
Any experience?

Hi Max,

I?ll watch this with interest. Often thought about giving it a go. Would be good in cooking  Asian food. I?ve got a reasonable crop of ginger that would be great to use for this purpose. Looks as though there is a bit of a fermentation process involved. Hopefully someone can give some advice on the topic.

Hi Les,
I made a small batch from the information I gleaned on You Tube and from information provided to me by an other beekeeper

He makes his blend from frsh Ginger finely sliced and places this in a 500g jar. To my surprise you can taste it very quickly.
As the Ginger is moist the blend would ferment in a short time - thus the small batch .
I will have a sample jar and will let you know how it sells.
The Ginger factory is not far from here and I will pay them a visit on Monday to see what other products with Ginger they sell. Maybe a concentrate or dry powder?

Ginger dehydrates pretty well.  I don't know if it keeps its medicinal value dehydrated.  You'd have to research that.  If it did, you could maybe use that in your honey and solve the moisture issue.

This sounds really interesting. Crystallized ginger is one of my favorite candies, so this sounds really good. Of course with it, you boil it in sugar syrup for a little while before drying. The shorter the boiling time, the more "zip" it has.
Kathy got me wondering ...

What about pressing out the ginger juice and adding it to the honey, or dropping slices into the honey ...
then putting the jars in the dehydrator on low heat to bring the moisture content back down..
If bees fan the nectar to drop the moisture content, why not do it with a machine...
Does this sound like a worthwhile experiment for a non-fermented version? 


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