We came from where?

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From the coffee house Beemaster writes;

--- Quote from: beemaster on July 19, 2007, 03:33:33 pm ---I fully agree that there was a FLOOD that covered the Planet, but I think it happened LONG BEFORE walking creatures inhabited Earth. If we are indeed the Ancestors of Martians and not those of Apes, I'd feel a bit better

--- End quote ---

I always find it amazing how many say something like that or that the first life was brought in by astroids or comets. But there is never a follow up. WHERE DID THAT LIFE COME FROM?

Were Martians evolved from Martian monkeys? Does it not put us in the same unexplained evolutionary event?   

I really don't think WHERE Martians come from is the issue, whether created by God or Evolved from lesser species, I'm sure if they were as advance and intellegent as many people assumed (of course we are imagining that a planet which died off a million years ago had intellegent life) but that aside - I'll bet they had their own version of a Bible or other religious book to live by, maybe several.

Again, I think of the Bible as one of man's owners/operators manuals. I equally believe all creatures have two things in common:

1) The search for a LEADER among themselves - everyone needs to fall into a position behind a charismatic leader. All group creatures need a leader in order to function and pack mentality develops.

2) Those social minded creatures (one with conscious thought process) will eventually seeks a creator, they realise that they may need a deity to believe in. To many people it is a nature urge to seek a higher power, to others having a God or Lord to look to takes the pressure of being the real decision makers.

More on this later, just had to say MORE THAN ANYTHING - if God is timeless, then what is a few million years here and there in an extraordinary Universe.

Perhaps I wasn't clear in my quest here. It always seems that just saying, "life on Earth came from somewhere else" settles the whole "where life came from" issue. Perhaps it does for some, but for me I would like to know...... if life "here" came from "there" then where did life "there" come from. Then I would have to wonder if the intelligent life "there" thought it came from somewhere else. If the Earth wasn't the ideal place for life to start and evolve then what planet would be?

What about those of us that are lone wolves? We need no leaders.

It is an interesting question indeed. In the movie Contact, Jody Foster's character zipped through a worm-hole generating to meet a being posed as her father, they were talking about the fact that BLUEPRINTS were sent via radioway, we built the machine (hoping it wasn't some DOOMSDAY WEAPON) the man said "This is the way they choose to communicate, it's the way they like to do it, they have been doing it this way for billions of years.

The interesting thing in THAT STATEMENT is that A MACHINE designed BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO sent a message in hope other-life would receive the message - BUT, they knew it would because the process has worked for billions of years. I think the question should really be "when did" INTELLEGENT HUMANS like life " First appear in the Universe and where and when - I just have come to the conclusion that there is NO ITELLEGENT LIFE somewhere in our ancestory - which part of the Universe it originated from is only a guess.

I finally believe that weither man has been here 200 years or 5 thousand, or EONS, When the fastest you can measure is in LIGHT YEARS, you already have doomed us with finding other life, surely there must be a way though, and who's to say creating a ship 2 million years ago wasn't a possibility. Well most religious folk wouldn't buy a speck of that, but many of the stories of the Bible are told in PArable, so that they appear relative to people no matter WHEN the will read it.

Jerry, would it be so bad if we indeed didn't come from this Earth, I think it would be optomistically the greats ego booster you'd have to build a space program. Now we are going to the Moon with lighter materials that they will FILL with MOON DUST to make them safe to transport HUMANS through the radiation belt between Earth and Mars. We've sent lots of probles, but people would have died from radiation exposure on those missions.

So we build a vessel capable to lift off the moon, fly to Mars - which takes 90 days to get to once there you need to wait 9 more months for the planets to realign so RETURN is possible. Then another 90 days in space. That is rigorous espiration if I've ever heare one - image bbeing away from Earth 270 days minimal, without any help except the wonderful people who bring you Nasa :)

P.S. The reason they will build a double hulled vessel filled with moon dust as a protectant is because we cannot lauch anything (that will safely protect the crew) from Earth a Mars worthy vehicle could be lead protected BUT it would be too heavy to launch into space - remember it is going to a living habatat with humans for 3/4s of a year.

So, after the Shuttle stops, which it is finishing it's SPACE STATION BUILDING PROJECT - people have lived on the International Space Station continious manned for many years. The last Shuttle mission is do corrective work on Hummble, then the Space Shuttle program is complete and remaining Shuttle return modeules - most people call the craft the atronauts return home in IS the Shuttle - it is NOT, it is a PART of the huttle - it is called the ORBITOR, the Shuttle fitted with the External Fuel Tank and solid rocket boosters make up the rest of the Shuttle.

Nope, we can't get to Mars and back in under 9 months - Jerry we'll never see who our real parents are, but I think they'll have to come check-on us, cause WE are not getting to them to soon - lol.


--- Quote from: beemaster on July 20, 2007, 03:01:53 pm ---Jerry, would it be so bad if we indeed didn't come from this Earth,...

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No it wouldn't be bad but I have to wonder why some feel the need to believe we came from way out there some where. IF we were sent here from somewhere else I would have to ask,
1) why we were sent.
2) how were we sent.

You were saying all that other stuff would have taken billions of years. Just how old is the universe? I have heard estimates around just 11 to 20 billion years old. And the age of the earth is 4.5 to 5 billion years old. So we could hazard a guess that it would take another world about 4 billion years to reach the capabilities we have right now. How many more years before we/they can even break out of our solar system? How many before we/they could make it to the next solar system? How many before we/they can get clear of our galaxy and journey to the next closest galaxy? And how many years will that journey take? So is 20 billion years even enough time for some other intelligent life from a galaxy far far away to seed the universe?   


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