Mason jar external beetle trap

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Bob Wilson:
Has anyone tried this kind of small beetle trap? I am thinking of adding some under my long lang which stands on four legs.
A hole is cut in the bottom board to the size of a mason jar lid, which is tacked/glued in place, flush with the bottom surface. Hardware cloth covers the top of the jar which is screwed up under the hive into the lid. The bees chase the beetles, the beetle seek refuge through the screen, and they fall and drown in the oil. The outside of the jar is spray painted enamel black, keeping the interior dark. Would 3 or 4 of these installed under the 4 corners of my 4 foot long hive make a difference?
Would the bees propolize the hardware cloth? Do they propolize screen bottom boards?

Bees rarely propalize the bottom screen boards. 
I suspect this will work almost as well as a screen bottom board with an oil tray.
Jim Altmiller

Bob Wilson:
That was the big question for me, Jim. Would they propolize the hardware cloth and seal up the jar?
I think I will build a second long lang with these jar traps built into place, and set it next to my first hive. Then transfer my bees over to it. Then I can add the traps to my empty first hive, and bring it back out again next spring to lure another swarm.

Sounds good.
I was over at Bobsim?s House. He has had a severe problem with SHBs. Lost one hive and another had frames destroyed by them. He was rebuilding his empty top bar hive to add a hardware cloth bottom and a tray to put diatomaceous earth in it. Like you he was working to redo all three hives.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Bob, Joe May USE to use this method but does no longer. I ask him about this but I can?t remember the reason that he gave me for abandoning this use.


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