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Im guessing early 70's in which case it equates to better than $10/kg today.

The best way to reach consumers is by selling to those who are buying honey in bulk. There are examples of companies like that have made a mark globally by providing quality honey to distributors who have a huge network. Their customers are loyal to them and trust them. Selling huge volumes of honey is only possible when you have certifications that meet global standards, have a flawless process, and most importantly provide great quality.

Just thinking outside the box here -  Has anyone gotten onto mead makers forums and advertised there?
They would be looking for good local sourced honey and generally in a reasonably size (a few kilo at least)

I know i plan to try and make mead with some of my honey - when i get that far, this is only the start of my second year, so i am still a 'new-bee'

Not sure if that would get much results but i would guess you could get some sales that way??

Been looking back on old posts and would like to say, I run all of my Plasdene glass jars through the dishwasher before filling with honey.
I sell 400g glass jars for $10, in some locations for $12. I?m happy with that, considering The time for filling and labeling raw honey. People love local honey.

I buy jars from Plasdene as well (luckily I live a couple of suburbs away) and sell 250gm jars for $5 each.

Because it is a hobby for us, we donate all income to charity. Long story but when my son was born he was very sick (fine now), so we give it all to the newborn ambulance service.

Pre Covid, I?d take the jars in to my work and leave them in the kitchen on an honesty system, with a sign making it very clear that all money received went to charity. I?d still get around 10% stolen each time. It?s been harder to shift this year, but have a few regulars and a local naturopath puts in the occasional bulk order.

While it?s a bit of work for us extracting and bottling, the tax deduction for the donation each year certainly helps. The fact it is for charity and we make no money from it tends to stop people whinging about the price.


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