so did the SCOTUS just elect a new president?

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Unbelievably the Supreme Court ruled I have to purchase health insurance. I guess I skipped over the part where Jefferson wrote that.

I am listening to the outrage from the majority now that it has been revealed as the largest tax increase ever, even though obama swears he has yet to raise taxes. Also saw where the bill includes the hiring of 16,000 IRS agents I wonder what they are for?

Do yall believe this will get the conservative vote more behind Romney? I do

I believe the SCOTUS just put the nails in the coffin of obama’s presidency. They exposed it for what it is an enormous tax hike.



i understand how they came to the decision.  they had the choice to go either way, but the SCOTUS will usually fall in favor of congress.  since this was presented to the lower courts and to them as a tax, that's the way the took it.  congress has the power to tax.

i think two things are going to happen  1.  and obama already made some noise in this direction today.... much of the TBD in the bill will now be rushed out so that they can have more of the law in place.  and 2. this will push some of the moderate undecided (muddy middle folks) toward Romney. 

look for any provision that they think will be even mildly appealing to the masses, to now be enacted.  some of this stuff was not to start until 2014.

we still don't know what we have because so much of it was pushed off and still not written. 

get busy folks and lets flip the senate and strengthen the house!!

I'll tell, you what it means Keith. If you don't buy Health Insurance the IRS will be able to hound you,lock up your assets and deny your refund .
  The department of health and human services are going to be in cahoots with the IRS. It won't be long until high cholesterol tests will result in higher tax rates,or denial of your overpayment refund.
  But now that it is to be treated as a tax,which house of Congress wrote the bill. By law, all tax bills"revenue bills' are to be written by the house.
If it was originated  in the Senate,perhaps we have another quandry!


--- Quote from: Keith13 on June 28, 2012, 03:43:03 pm ---Do yall believe this will get the conservative vote more behind Romney? I do

--- End quote ---
Romney had a good quote yesterday saying that just because SCOTUS found it Constitutional doesn't mean it was found to be a good law.

Romney and the GOP need to continually refer to Obamacare as the huge tax increase that it is. They also need to come up with a reasonable alternative. Romney saying he wants to overturn Obamacare is fine, but he needs to explain his answer to soaring healthcare costs.

ObamaCare is an empty promise to increase social services in a system that's already trillions of dollars in debt. It doesn't provide any new doctors or hospitals. It has no incentives for economic common sense or healthy lifestyles. It's nothing but a tax increase with more IRS agents to collect it.


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