Getting ready for my baby chicks

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Beth Kirkley:
I finished up the chicken brooder today and hauled it into the back yard. It came out pretty good. Especially for only costing me $1 (for the hinges). In all honesty, it did cost SOMEONE something. I used bunches of left over stuff of my father-in-law's - scrap pieces of cyprus wood and pieces of greenhouse roofing that he may have never used. The wood was all too short for him to use on anything, and the roofing material has been sitting in the yard for over 2 years.

The brooder is 4 feet wide, by 2 1/2 feet deep, by about 2 1/2 feet tall in the front. The door is 2'x 2' - large enough where I can even crawl inside if I ever needed to. Tonight I'll place the light in there with a thermometer to see how the temperature holds up. I bought a 250 watt heat bulb, but I may not need one that powerful.

I went with a wood floor only because I didn't really feel like spending the extra money on hardware cloth. But I didn't attach the floor, so if I decide I just hate the wooden floor, I'll be able to change it rather easily. Also, (you can't see this in the picture) I made a screened window on the right side of the door. If the box needs more ventilation, I can easily take the small piece of greenhouse roofing off to allow air to flow in.

And I've got everything else I need for the chicks. :) So now I'll just have to wait things out until the chicks come in the mail (should be this coming Monday morning - Feb. 21st).


Horns Pure Honey:
That looks great beth, want to see pics of the new chicks, bye :D

Fantastic job Beth!  If you paint the floor, it will be a lot easier to clean!! But you may not have time before the chicks come. It looks grrreaaat (as Tony the tiger would say)!! :D

Beth Kirkley:

I'm seriously considering stapling some 6 mil plastic on the bottom. Then I would put paper over that, and then either straw or shavings. That way, the wood wouldn't get wet and nasty. I could always replace the plastic if needed.


Horns Pure Honey:
I would use the plastic and newspaper, I do not advise wood shavings, they eat them and choke, straw they can snap there little ankles in, so just a little straw in the center under the heat lamp, I would also put a board on te insid like a thin 6 inch wide strip so when you open it up you dont have any fall out. Talk later Beth, bye :D  :D  :D


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