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Does anyone here use a farmstand to sell honey?

I live in a rural area where I could put one up, and at the same time, the road I live on has just enough traffic, especially in summer, that I might well get good exposure. (If any of you are race car fans, I'm not far from Watkins Glen, and when there's a race on, people often use my otherwise quiet road to get there.)

So tell me, if you have a farmstand, how did you build it? Plan it?

Horns Pure Honey:
We have a farm stand when we have extra produce and in a few years honey. I looked at alot of farm books and such to finde designs I could move on skies. It is nice to be able to move it yet keep it low and stable.

Horns Pure Honey:
sorry, ok, get 6x6 or 8x8 inch square post  that are like 12 feet long and cut the ends to like a 45 degree angle to make skies that you drill holes in on both ends. The holes are for you to hook chains to when pulling it with a truck or tractor. The largest I have seen one of these made was 12x12 ft with 3 skies under it. On the side it had a wide 4 foot door and the whole front end lifted up about 3 ft off the ground to make a large window. On the inside of the window put like a 2 foot wide counter. If you are just selling honey I would say only make yours say 8 feet by 12 feet so you dont waste wood scraps. I can scan you there drawing and send it to ya via email, bye

We sell a surprising amount of honey from our stand and we're not on a busy road, pretty much a suburban neighborhood.


Horns Pure Honey:
I like your stand beesharp, looks very nice white. The one I described would only be good if you are selling ALOT of honey and/or other products. bye


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