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I have a 1948 Ford 8N. It has a flat head four cylinder engine. Here is something I have never seen before. There is oil in the radiator. Now I would think that if oil got into the radiator then water would have to get into the oil. It does not. While I am glad not to have water in the oil pan, I sure would like to know where and how oil gets into the water. NO!!! I did not dump it in there.

Since the cooling system normally runs 15psi at the most and the oil system more than likely holds 20 psi up to 60 psi I would look for a leaking head gasket near an oil jornal near the water jacket.
 :D Al

I'm hoping the thing will hold out through this year and then replace it. I found where I could get what is called "brand new" engine for the 8N for $2,000. Have to go look the site up again if anyone interested. They cover all sorts of antique tractors.

A new head gasket isn't all that costly.  :lol: That tractor is selling really high here in Michigan. Ones needing overhauls are still selling in the $2000.00 range.
 :P City people living in the country like them because they fit in their low grarages and look cool to all their  :P city friends that visit.

You might want to ask these people about the oil in the water. These people love their little fords, no there is nothing wrong with them just over priced here for the years on them.

 :D Al

Here is another tractor site I enjoy..  lots of info and you can get parts for almost any type of tractor.

I have an old IH Farmall B...  with a woods belly mower.

Recommend you check out the head gasket before replacing the engine... you can almost buy another tractor for what your spending on the engine... then again.. tractors are best in pairs   :lol:


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