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what is the best kind of electric fence (battery power) to keep the black bears away from my bee's? right now i have a cheapy with only one 12v car battery. ive had no bears around...yet. would this do if a bear came around or do i need something bigger, with more battery's?

Horns Pure Honey:
I would get a electric fence charger from mann lake, it is solar charged for the battery and it can run a week without light and if needed can power 12 miles of fence, thats alot!!!

Good morning

a couple of years ago I had a big problems with a bear.  I put a few strands of wire around the be yard and used a battery elect charger.  The bear could have cared less.  walked right thru.

then I went to my locaal farm supply store and purchased a electrifc fence that was made like a net.  I purchased a charger run by 110 volt.  Just ran an extension (a heavy one) from the house.  

Well the bear came back, put his nose on the netting and I haven't seen him sense.  I just love that electric net fence.  

I do have a solar charger and it does a very good job but you have to keep the grass away from the net fence.  


Horns Pure Honey:
those are all  very good points.

IMO, a solar power fencer is the way to go. Get a low impedience(sp?) type. it'll give more of a jolt when touched. Also get one that will burn through any grass that hits it.PP


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