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Heathland Beekeeping - 4 - Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Cast Swarming Period with multiple heathland videos to choose from

Life cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite

Life Cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite

Defensive Behavior in Africanized Honeybees ~ ~

Characteristics and Spread of Africanized

Swarming in Honeybee Colonies ~ ~ Feral

City Of The Bee's

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Silence Of the Bee's

Bumble Bee video's


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Annual rotation - what an awesome video.
Does anyone know if it is possible to get this on CD or tape?
Their hives appear to be plastic.  Looked alot simpler to maintain and use. Wonder if they're are available in the US?
Does anyone use the bottom boxes as shown on the video?

Agility Mom:
These videos are very interesting. I've never seen the under hive box that she uses in the first video on rotation. For the drone cell removal for mite control, she just seemed to cut out the drone brood and stuck the empty frame back in. Is that what people are doing or do you need special foundation to encourage drone brood?

In the past, many bee keepers have taken a frame out of the deep (brood) box on the outside of the brood nest, maybe number 3 or number 8 and replaced it with a medium frame. The girls of course fill in the extra empty space below the medium frame with burr comb. This comb is almost always filled in with drone sized cells. So now you have a small section of extra, free floating drone comb on the bottom of this medium frame to check for mites. You went in with a capping scratcher and if there were mites in the sealed brood, you just cut that section of drone comb off the bottom of the frame and let them build it out again, thus removing all the mites in that whole section of comb.

Now they are saying that's not enough. The thinking now is you need to remove an entire frame's worth of drone comb from each brood box, so that's two frames if you run a two deep hive.

The manufacturers are responding to this and putting out both plastic and wax drone sized comb and foundation. The plastic frames even come in different colors, like dark green, so you don't have to remember which frame it is in each hive, just go to the green frame, pull it, freeze it and you're done!

This is of course only one part of an ipm system. Hope this helps, good luck! :D

added a few more to this page (up top) for easier veiwing.


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