Queen Rearing

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that is just to get a taste finman , we know we need to get some books on queen rearing to learn the tricks of the trade, more than 1 book to, i just ordered a book called  Queen Rearing Honey Bee's by Roger Morse, and im looking at get another by Laid Law (I think thats his name)but thanks for the comment :wink:

How many queens you are going to raise?  - it depends?

Have you good queen from where to take larvas or eggs?

If my hive is going to swarm, I change good larvas into queen combs.  This way I get 10-15 queens. I it good number for mating nucs. Then I divice raising hives into those maiting nucs and carry them to 5 km distance.

Next summer I am going to adapt Hopkins mehod

30-40 queens are enough

Raising hive must be big, 4 boxes. One box is not enough. Daughters will be small. I have tried many times. Swarming cells is another question.

good post finman, what do you do with your queens you raise, use them yourself or sell some, I would like to start raising about 50-100 then maybe later raise more, just have to see how it goes.


--- Quote from: TwT ---good post finman, what do you do with your queens .
--- End quote ---

I change all my productive queens every year. The dead rate in raising process is over 50%.  Somethimes I get nothing from a part. And I discard many after that when I see what kind of bees I got.

If  bees are angry or brood is sporadious, I throw them into bush. Many are gone during mating flight.


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