Wanted: Mighty Mite thermal treatment unit

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Ben Framed:
Squish if you are not having any luck finding a used one perhaps you can make your own? I am posting a copy of a reply on another topic from November 2019. Perhaps it will spark your interest, leading to a solution.


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Quote from: Live Oak on November 12, 2019, 11:29:03 am

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I still use thermal treatment.  I just got far behind due to medical and family commitments.  In my opinion, thermal treatment works best by far but is very time consuming especially when treating large numbers to hives.  I rotate back and forth between OAV and thermal.

I DO NOT recommend MAQS or Formic Pro in the strongest terms unless you want to risk poisoning your bees.
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Mr Live oak, I use an InkBird PID Temperature Controller (mini-computer I suppose), for my own vaporizer. This is used along with a thermocouple to insure pin-point temperature accuracy. I am thinking that perhaps you can design your own units to fit your needs,  possibly with similar basic equipment needed to control temperature inside the hive, to accomplish a safe, accurate treatment that you desire. This way you can run several units at a time., as many as your imagination will entertain, instead of running one at a time. Allowing you to reduce your treatment time down by volumes? This should be fairly easy to accomplish?

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Thanks Philip!  I wish that wasn?t so far out of my skill set or I would totally consider it. Alas, while I can make things, the electronic components of it are way past my understanding. I know there is another unit out there, the Victor, but I?m having trouble finding any user reviews on that one which makes me a bit nervous. Lots of positive reviews on the Mighty Mite, but don?t know how long it will be before the manufacturer is able to resume production. I need to go searching to see if anyone locally might have one they would rent out until I can locate one.

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I would ask your local State Apiary License Inspector.  They know everybody! And they hear what people use, and if they know of someone who has a MM unit, can put you in touch with them. 

Here in Fla. all the apiary licensees are public records and you can get their phone #s.  Someone might rent theirs to you for a few days.

I was finally able to locate a used one, but thank you for the advice

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Ben Framed:
Squish let us know how this works out for you.


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