How "Old Reliable" got its name - a hunting story.

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what would you estimate this one weighed?


--- Quote from: Seeb on April 30, 2020, 08:15:17 pm ---what would you estimate this one weighed?

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On the hoof (live weight), probably 550 to 650 lbs - maybe a bit more. This was a large dry cow - 1 of 3 mature dry cows in that herd, that I noted.

The average Bull live weight (where I usually hunt) is 900 to 1200 lbs - yielding 380 to 430 lbs of meat - once completely de-boned. I've weighed the meat from several Bulls, so I know this part for sure. I don't eat bones, so I don't pack bones out - (learned that neat trick in my younger days on a long packout - the light finally dawned on me, as I leaned against a tree in exhaustion).  :cheesy:

My biggest Bull (2003) weighed just over 1400 lbs - I know because there was a scale and a loader available that day. That Bull was from the Western Park herd. Most Bulls I've seen on scales (game check stations mostly) come out of Montana's Northern Park Herd & average around 750-900 lbs field dressed.

Elk down here in California  (Tuley Elk sub-species) are much smaller - 450-600 lb live weight average for a mature Bull, that I've seen, and Cows as low as 230 lbs.

So there's a large variance based on sub-species and location. Even in Montana, a Bull from the Bridger mtns is quite a bit smaller than a Bull out of Yellowstone (90ish miles away).

After saying all that, ... I'm just guessing at the weight of that cow. As I recall, I got around 290 lbs of meat from her, which is a bit more than most cows, in my experience.

good story. have you ever done any hunting in the Black Belt area of Alabama?


--- Quote from: Seeb on May 01, 2020, 08:32:48 am ---good story. have you ever done any hunting in the Black Belt area of Alabama?

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No, I've hunted in many states, but never there ... but I've heard they have lots of deer in Alabama. Whitetails are so much fun!

My daughter got her first (big game animal) deer last fall ... clean kill, one shot. I rattled him in for her. Love whitetails! (My favorite to eat too - with Elk a close 2nd)

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I know you are proud of her!


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