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I have been way under bidding my removal jobs, these guys got it going , click on "pricing"

Doesn't make a diff what I charge, no one has called in my area.

  I feel like a crook now on some real easy ones. I saw one place in California that was $1500 per swarm once.

Those prices are right in line with what most pros in Florida Charge.
And to be honest I think they are pretty fair.


I did two this weekend at $50 an hour.  The first was a small queenless swarm in a garage wall.  No brood, not much honey, lots of old comb that had been poisoned the year before.  I vacuumed most of them and we dumped them into a weak nuc.

The second was a small queenright swarm between the first and second floors of a house.  They had about 6 nice combs, lots of brood and eggs, not much honey.  I cut and rubberbanded about 4 frames of brood and eggs.  The bees kept retreating off the comb and back into the joist bay, so I setup the hive body with the brood on top of the ladder pushed up against the joist bay.  I'm hoping they will come to the brood in the next day or so.  If not, I'll vacuum again. 

So, out of two cutouts, how many "free" bees did I net.  None that you can count on.  I drove about 120 miles (30 each way on each of them), sweated for 5 hours at 90+ degrees and high humidity in a bee suit, and I didn't get to do the things I needed to do at home.  Short answer, I got to raise my prices.


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