I did an interesting cut out today

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Awsome pics thanks.  I almost got to do a cutout on a trailer house. I said it would be $50 if i was going to keep the bees and $75 if not. She would be responsable for getting a carpenter to fix it back. She never called back :? Maybee next time :)

Robo, I thought that ladder angle was a little extreme! I did one a couple of months ago in between two houses approx. 28' up. Had the ladder on the other house and had to stand backwards on the ladder to work the hive, cause the ladder was almost straight up and down, very little angle. Papa Bear, last yr I removed two hives from a trailer in Lafitte, Louisiana. One under the toilet, the other in a partition wall that separated the bathroom from the bedroom. The hive under the toilet was docile and not very large in size, but had been there a while. The hive in the partition wall was huge and the meanest bees I have ever worked. They would chase you two blocks down. The funny thing is that the couple who own the trailer said they bought the trailer almost 6 yrs prior with the bees in it! Got stung 21 times that day!

I am glad your cut out went well . I have nothing but bad luck on my last few.
That was an awesome job. I like your use of the ladder.  ;)


Brendhan, what kind of bad luck did you run into?


--- Quote from: JP on May 14, 2007, 12:20:08 am ---Brendhan, what kind of bad luck did you run into?

--- End quote ---
Seperate thread when I have more time.
Basic info:
Bees hiding in difficult places.
Queens not making it.
Laying workers.
Stupidity on my part.

I have a whole bunch of stories t post but I have a bunch of work I am still doing.



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