Black Nectar Like Motor Oil

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Big P:
First post! I was doing a cut out yesterday and the nectar in the combs was dark and sludgy like motor oil. Something I have not seen before. There was no smell or beetles to be seen. The brood nest was full of dead bees in their cells with a pile of dead bees on the floor below the hive. There were what seemed to be at least a few 1,000 very healthy bees working the combs. Only thing I can think of is that the hive was sprayed some time ago and a fresh swarm had just moved in. I?ve seen that circumstance many times, but never with this black sludge nectar. Any thoughts? Photo below! [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]

Ben Framed:
Interesting, did you taste it?  And welcome..

Big P:
I did not taste it, but I did sterilize my tools after 😦

Ben Framed:
I am from a different area.  I have not had black honey here.

Welcome to Beemaster.
Dead bees with their heads in cells is a good indicator that the bees ran out of in reach food.
Their is a good chance that there is nothing wrong with the honey. Dark honey is due to the nectar the bees found and the age. Dark honey tends to darken with age.
Jim Altmiller


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