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I?ve had a hive in a oil tank in our equipment yard on and off for a few years. We had a bee guy come out and he left a box. I?ve been getting more and more interested in getting them out after reading some books and watching some videos I decided I would try to move them to the box. I found hat and vail on the side of the hwy, I had to do a pump job at a beer keepers house he gave me a smoker and even took me out with him to collect honey with him. I decided to tear the tank open and try to move them into the hive, here are some pics.

I got the broods and placed them in the box in between frames and put some honey frames in the top box in between frames also. My concern is I didn?t see a queen and only a queen cell. What are the odds of the hive surviving? There is cotton fields in bloom near by but they?ll be defoliating the Field in the next month or so, I plan to move them to my house a few miles away.

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Well good job. Time will tell.

Ben Framed:
These bees are hard workers!! There is a lot of new comb! As jtc said, time will tell. Good job! Also welcome to beemaster....

Good job, especially being the first cutout. That is a tough cutout.
Welcome to Beemaster.
Jim Altmiller

Ben Framed:
Dryhole, how are the bees now? All good?


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