Any products you recommend to repel deer?

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--- Quote from: bwallace23350 on July 17, 2017, 12:51:57 pm ---Loud dogs and a fence?

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Any two dogs between two fence lines and there ain't any deer that will cross the first one.  It usually works for keeping humans out too but one of the dogs must be a guard dog.

little john:
Put down on the ground  - or more accurately smear low down on territorial markers - what would be present in a fully natural environment.  Big cat pooh is best, if you can source it - but if not, then big cat urine, such as from:

LJ, I'm going to give that a try for mice in the basement for sure.

Any thoughts how a big cat scent will affect deer hunting 50 yards away?

little john:
Regret can't say, as I've zero experience of hunting and, although I knew that deer hunting was a common enough activity in such remote areas as the highlands of Scotland and the exposed moorlands of Exmoor and Dartmoor, until this morning I had no idea hunting took place so much closer to home.
Not too far from my patch (10 miles inland from Boston) is Thetford Forest, where the deer there have gradually become something of a problem.  If you should Google "Thetford Forest deer", you'll read something of what I'm talking about. 

Likewise if you Google "New Forest deer" - where 5 species can be found: fallow, roe, sika, red, and muntjac.  In fact it was while talking with a couple of guys who live near 'The New Forest' (a National Park in southern England - west of Southampton) that I heard about the use of lion pooh to repel deer.  Apparently they source it from a Safari Park, as such parks have far more lions than can be found in any zoo.  They didn't reveal exactly how they obtain it - and I was too polite to ask - so whether it's a daring dash from their vehicle armed with a bucket and spade, or greasing the palm of a game warden - who knows ?  But getting hold of a handful of lion sh#t has to be a whole lot easier than trying to get one to pee in a bucket !


I'm sure a bucket of dirt dug up from the last spot they peed at will work just as well.  :cheesy:


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