Longest combs observed?

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Cindi had asked me a question in the requeening section when we drifted off topic there, so I thought this the appropriate arena to address her question, which I will address to all who have performed cutouts. What are some of the longest hives ya'll have seen when performing cutouts? Another one I might add is, what's the most hives ya'll have observed on a structure?

I'll start. The longest hive I have dealt with was long, but narrow, about 12'. The most I have removed on a house was 4 and that was this past season. I have done many that had two and a handful that had three.

Please feel free to chime in.

Sincerely, JP

JP, good one, this is going to be a very interesting thread.  Twelve feet long eh?  Holy smokers!!!  Maybe there will be some very cool pictures brought to our forum too, I can't wait to see what comes this way.  Beautiful day in this great life.  Cindi

I suppose the comb could go really long if there is room for it. This one was almost to the bottom of an eight foot wall, north side of house,

This one was in the South wall of same house,

And in this fallen tree just south east of the house,

And this tree west of the house,

And right after this picture was shot a swarm showed up in this tree. That makes five in one location that we could locate.

I also knew of another long structure that had more than five in it. Don't know how many actually were there. And another one in a structure close to there that I did get the bees.

Jerry, some lovely pictures.  I loved the last one.  Now, does anyone else see what I see.   When I looked at the sun, glimmering through the trees,  I could swear that I see a happy face.  Look closely.  The sun, the beautiful sun, oh that brings that wonderful smile to my face.  We had some sun yesterday, been a long, long time since I have seen that beauty of Mother Nature.  Have a great and wonderful day, Cindi

P.S.  What a picture.  I showed my youngest Grandson if he saw something strange in this picture.  He looked and looked.  And then gleefully said, there is a pumpkin in the tree.  I looked closer, and by golly, it does look like a pumpkin.  Now that is the mind of the child, the things that they see, we should listen and learn from them all the time, hee, hee.

So Jerry, you got a picture of a pumpkin in a tree, how did you get it up there?  Hee, hee, hee, laughing out loud, with that squeeky little laugh, no one can really hear.

Never paid much attention to it but I think that must be the sun... not behind the tree but in a higher position reflecting off the lens.


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