Picture of bee removal to do Saturday


Had a co worker ask me if I want some honey bees I said yes. Went to the place where they were at, this moring an talk to the lady that owned the building that they are in. Had a real nice talk with her.So going early saturday more to remove them for here.
Here is a picture of what they look like.

Just a update on the removal didn't get to do it today. The people that rent the place had not talked to the land lord to see if it was ok. So first thing monday going to talk to the owner of the place my self. So if all goes well sometime this week I hope that I can get them.

Have a great day

Looks like your are going to have some fun.  :)


hmmmm........looks like an easy job with that lapped cedar siding, but you have to be careful with landlords........I would definately get a contract together and offer to remove the bees as a service to him/her. Let them know that the tenant contacted you because they are concerned about their safety with the bees around.......If he was unaware that they are there (which I doubt but they may pretend the did not know) he is now aware and liability to his tenants come into play........I have done a few removals from rental properties where the landlord contacted me about it because of the liability issue.   


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