Lets Go Fishing!

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Ben Framed:
Well fishermen and fisherladiers. It is crappie time in my area. I have not been yet. How is the fishing in your area? Have pictures?   :grin:

I went for a bit of a session on the beach yesterday afternoon. Caught a few beach worms on the lower part of the tide and was then lucky enough to catch 10 whiting. They weren?t big fish but there was enough fillets for about 3 meals. They are my favourite eating fish and provide good sport on light gear. If I can get out again next week, I will post a few photos.

Terri Yaki:
It's a little cold for me to go out so you won't have to fight me for your favorite spot. Most of my fishing is done in Upstate, NY during late spring and summer and I don't even do that much recently. I went for salmon and halibut in AK last July and have another trip booked for 2025. 2024 was already booked up when I tried.

Last June when I went in NY, browns were eating worms like nothing I've seen before. Every cast a fish. I fish for keeps.

I took these in 1/2 hr or so.

Ben Framed:
Nice catch Terri!!! Thanks for posting and the added picture!!


Ben Framed:
Les that sounds fun! Especially when you can catch your favorite flavored fish!



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