Varroa detected in Australia

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Please read this press release:

This is not an ideal time to inspect hives in many parts of Australia...BUT if at all possible I urge beekeepers to check hives, do an Alcohol Wash if you are anywhere near the location.

I have written to the Federal Minister for Ag and hope that if enough beekeepers write, swift action will follow.

Here is a great instruction regarding an alcohol wash:

Ben Framed:
Max that is big news, but not good news. I hope y'all have caught the situation in time. I have a question, does your country have wild bees, (feral hives), in the same area? If so, these could become 'uninhibited' breeding grounds for Varroa Destructor.


Oh man, hopefully you guys can somehow get it under control before it spreads.  What a shame. 

Hi Ben,

Newcastle is quite a long way away from us here and I'm not up with the local situation.

I would assume that there would be wild nests of honey bees in the forested areas near the port - say withing 5 km.

SHB have knocked the wild population here and I would expect a similar situation there.

The information is still poor. I understand that the swarm was found at the port but ...maybe on an arriving ship? I will keep you posted.

I have sent out e-mails to many beekeeping friends but mostly elderly they often don't use e-mails as a means of communication.
I'm partially deaf and hardly use the phone.

I will visit a good beekeeping friend who has connections with the beekeeping organisations.



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