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it has been hot here on the Sunshine Coast and even warmer not far inland.
After some severe hailstorms on the 1. and3. December 2016 we lost a lot of flowers and buds BUT the Rough Apple is flowering and the Lemon Myrtle is doing well. After some much needed rain some of the groundflora also is starting to kick in - Cobblers Pegs, always reliable and offering nectar and pollen.

In the hinterland of the Gold Coast Spotted Gum has been flowering on some of the high ridges and have noticed several bloodwood trees in flower.

The Buckinghamia and the Leopard trees are now coming into full bloom and will keep the girls happy for quite a while around Carindale.

Tes, Leopard trees er out here too and the Lilly Pilly's are doing well.

I was wondering when someone would create a what's flowering Queensland topic :)

On the ground cover plant with little blue flowers this morning, a blue bee with black stripes was working. How awesome I thought! a Blue-banned bee. My first encounter.
I've got a leopard tree and a yesterday, today and tomorrow in close proximity, I heard the smoothing hum of bees this morning, looked like the honey bee, not sure which variety.
Pumpkins have been opening their flowers early in the morning and close around 11:00 and tomato's are flowering.
Orange and lime are flowering.
Ghost gum (i think) I've got two large ones, too high for me to see the flowers with the naked eye, the rainbow lorikeets enjoy their early evening gathering as I read bee books. As well as Yellow crested cockatoo's

Back in September, my front yard was humming for approx. 4 days as 100's of honey bees worked on the olive tree. Thanks to their work, it's the best amount of olives I've seen in years.


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