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Note: It is recommended to use images that are no larger than 640px wide.  Larger images will be reduced to fit this size.

To upload an image to your post,  click on the  "Attachments and other options"  below the text input box.

Once opened, locate the Attach: section and click on the "browse" button and locate the image file on your computer that you want to attach. 

If you have more than 1 image to attach,  click (more attachments) under the "browse" button and repeat the process to locate the image file on your computer.

The attached images will appear at the bottom of your post by default.

Note:  You can stop here if you want, the rest is just optional formatting and is not required.

If you would like to place them inline with your post then just click on the (Insert Attachment #)

This will insert the appropriate BBCode into your post.  This BBCode can be moved to a different place in your post if your cursor was not where you wanted it by simply cut/paste.

Please note,  there is a limit on the size and number of images that can be attached in a single post.  You can reply with additional posts if you need to add more images.

FYI - When I try to insert an attachment and preview, I get the error, "[ Invalid Attachment ]". But when I post, the attachment appears inline where expected. Just a bug in the preview feature, I suppose.

Wow it works.  I stumbled on this post.  Is this How To listed on the home page for people to find it?  I couldn't find it until now.


That worked after I got the picture small enough.
It is a picture of my new house.


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