Bear Fence for small apiary


I have attached a pdf document for a PA Game Commission approved bear fence. Just a side note, be sure not to have overhanging trees over the fenced area.

Interesting.. I was just in Maine and we were discussing bear problems.. as well as overwintering problems. I suggested cattle panels.. "what we call them here" and fiberglass or plastic poles..   The beek I was talking to liked that idea better than wasting all his bacon by wrapping it on the fence to get the bear a mouthfull of electricity before he got to the hives....
   One of the things he said was that a bear will stick its head through an electric fence, get zapped on the shoulder and shoot through the fence like a rocket.....

   We sat down and designed a shed instead... well ventilated etc.. the smaller capable of holding ten hives, the larger to hold 20..
   Setting the hives up on a bench inside with the bottom board as part of the bench, AND screened since it will be inside out of the weather... this is using standard lang boxes inside, so he doesnt have to change anything about his hives to do it... there are a lot of details we incorporated, and two sheds are being built as I speak according to the design...  Bear resistant...  nothing is bear proof, well, maybe a concrete bunker... and wind and rain proof to aid in overwintering...  600 to 800 dollars per shed depending on the size, also on skids so it could be moved if necessary...
   Killing two birds with one stone so to speak...  if it works out well, I'll be going back out to help build about twenty of them to do more testing and refining.

My bear resistance fence.  I drove metal fence posts and covered them with used PVC pipe.  Cattle panels are fastened to the PVC pipe.   Used metal roofing was spread around the perimeter, and the ground wire from the charger was fastened  to it. The ground wire is also connected to a ground rod.      It works.


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