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Tapatalk is an application for smartphones (Android, IPhone, Blackberry and Nokia) for better reading and writing on forums.  Since phones have small screens, it can be difficult to browse the forums in a regular web browser.  Tapatalk presents the forums and posts in a way that is more suitable for the small phone screens.

This forum now supports tapatalk.  This means that if you have tapatalk installed on your phone you can search for beemaster and start reading and writing posts easily.

Read more about tapatalk here:

Thank you for all your work eivindm

Thanks, but it was Robo that did most the work this time though :-)

Soooo.... Is Tapatalk working or not yet??? I almost downloaded it to my Ipod Touch but then reread the posts about it and not sure the final answer??? Figure for $3, it would be great but I'm really not into any other forums right now - a few years ago I had about 8 I followed, but now just ours. Let me know - thanks :)

I'm afraid it is not working still. I'll contact Robo. We need to figure out this together.


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