Acebird?s mead.

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By the way, I was not comparing Brian?s mead to store bought honey. I am comparing it to the wine you get in the tasting rooms of the Sabastian winery in Florida and the Sabastiani winery in Napa Valley, California. It is that good.
Jim Altmiller

blackforest beekeeper:
yes, good mead tastes quite a bit like wine. that`s the difference.


--- Quote from: sawdstmakr on March 28, 2019, 10:42:30 am ---Ace,
How much honey would you need, according to your recipe, you need 5 quarts. I provide the honey, could I get half of it back at the next BeeFest? 😄
Can you pick up the honey on your next trip north. I could meet you at either I-95 or I-75 if you want.

--- End quote ---

The problem is I need the carboys, pots and hydrometer.  Also my hoist for lifting the full carboys.  My planned trip is not until July returning in August.  That doesn't give the mead enough time to mellow.  I could bottle it early which will leave a lot of sediment.  Actually the mead you tasted was bottled early.  I have a syringe and tube rig that siphons out the mead from a bottle without getting the sediment.  That is what I did to what I brought to the beefest.
Hopefully we will close today on the last piece of property we have in NYS.  I might take an early run to retrieve my tools and stuff.  If I do I will stop in and pick up the mead and whip up a batch.  I will keep you posted.


--- Quote from: jtcmedic on March 28, 2019, 09:06:06 am ---Any chance for a Recipe. Asking for a friend :happy:

--- End quote ---
If it is ok with you I will post the recipe.
Jim Altmiller

Judy is going to the wine store today to buy the yeast. We have decided to try making it. Is the sterizer chemical that you can buy at the wine store ok to use?
Jim Altmiller


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