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Here I am, center, a very very NEWbee ( don't have bees yet, just all the stuff )...with my daughter ( on the right ) as she has me partying in Hollywood before I plant my crop of dahlias, and will not be leaving the ranch for a while...

Dane Bramage:
Hey - a whole 'nother forum section I had not yet seen.  What? No replies to this thread!?  Ok, I'll bite.  Cute quintet of ladies!!  Daughter on the right?  Probably sounds cliche' but, it sincerely is difficult to imagine you two not being very close in age.

I've been meaning to ask - do bee's like dahlias?  My neighbor's have a load of them.


Bees LOVE dahlias! Especially the disc centered varieties...I have 2 rows of disc centered and there are zillions of bees on them...

Yup, that is my girl on the right...quite a gorgeous girl, inside and out...but then I AM the mom... ;)

Sharon, man oh man alive, I haven't visited this forum for so long, slap my wrist.  YOu posted this picture in April, oh brother, I don't know how I miss so many posts, I must get on top of this, hee, hee.  What a beautiful picture of your daughter and the others.  So nice also, to put a face to a forum friend.  Yeah!!! 

So, the bees love the disc centred varieties, didn't know that.  Have a wonderful and beautiful day on our earth.  Cindi

HAHAH Yes Cindi...the bees prefer the open centers, as it is easier to get to the goods!  My daughter lives and works in Hollywood, and when I go visit she takes me out and I have to "dress Hollywood"...hahahaha  Always a fun time!

Cheers & Hugs


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